Real estate investment for 2019

Real estate investment climate for 2019

Some experts believe that real estate investment (a cowardly investment), and those who are close to it are fearful and risky, and despite the huge profits that do not reach the profits of investors in currencies or gold or profits of speculators on the stock market, but it is a security investment to a large extent, Many people are a safe haven to make a profit, but they ignore the so-called real estate bubble, which occurs when real estate prices rise to increase demand in the shadow of a lack of supply and speculation starts in the real estate market, and demand increases more than it was, and at some point the demand proves or decreases and increases Display resulting from Sharp and sudden drop in prices.

Real estate investors are always looking for the best market to invest their money, there are obvious differences in identifying experts for the best market for real estate investment.

Most experts have confirmed that real estate investment in cities is better, not rural or rural, because the prices of real estate in cities will increase and will not suffer a large loss. The report of the specialist "Real Estate Market" Real Estate revealed that 19% of the volume of global investment in real estate harvested by 4 cities (London - Paris - New York - Tokyo). The major cities recorded a real estate growth over the past 10 years, up by 2.3% more than other regions.

 "The Turkish real estate market is one of the most attractive markets for foreign investors," said Wadah al-Taha, an economist. "Despite fluctuations in the Turkish lira resulting from some political positions between Ankara and Washington, real estate prices in Turkey are attractive to foreign investors."
"Investors tend to buy from major to secondary areas as they go to the Mediterranean areas in the southeast, and linking the granting of Turkish nationality to the purchase of real estate is a catalyst for the citizens of the unstable countries," he added.
The Statistical Institute of Turkey issued statistical data indicating the order of nationalities of foreign nationals in the purchase of Turkish property, as follows:

Number of properties purchased
Nationality of citizens
the first
The second
the third
the fourth

The real estate sales of foreigners in Turkey for the year 2018 increased by 78.4% compared to 2017. The number of sales reached 39663 properties in 2018. Istanbul was one of the most Turkish cities selling real estate to foreign investors in 2018 with a total of 14270 properties and then city The city of Bursa ranked third with 2,720 properties, followed by Ankara with 2133 properties.

Analysts say investment in the Australian real estate market is good at the moment. Cities are experiencing notable real estate growth, such as the Australian capital Canberra and the coastal city of Hobart, and are expected to reach 8.5% per annum, while prices are expected to fall in major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. Investment in less populated cities is better because Australia for the labor market is dependent on immigrants. With rents rising in large cities, migrants migrate to small cities to avoid high rents, making prices in these smaller cities more expensive.

Europe has become an important aspect of real estate investment, despite the relatively low return on investment due to the more open policies in real estate investment and transparency in the European real estate market, investors have become reassured when they decide to buy or sell real estate, experts at Investing said.
Six German cities (Hamburg-Copenhagen-Frankfurt-Berlin-Monaco) have been identified as the most attractive cities for real estate investment in the European market, making Germany a very good destination for real estate investment.

For investors in the real estate market in the Arab countries, experts believe that 2019 will not be easy on the real estate sector, especially in Egypt, the Egyptian real estate sector faces the challenges of rising prices and increasing supply and declining demand.