How to Bitcoin Mining and Used Devices

Bitcoin mining
One of the ways to get Bitcoin, a method that in the past was rewarding, but now with plenty of Bitcoin minerals, it takes some effort to get a bit of Bitcoin, and gain a rewarding profit from it.

The meaning of mining
The Bitcoin mining process is similar to the search for gold in underground mines. Bitcoin also searches for currency but not underground, but mines it with your computer, but with great technological development and increased mineralization It became very difficult.
Bitcoin mining process, the process of adding transactions to the public registry to past transactions, is called the Professor of past transactions Blockchain, a series of blocks, Bitcoin designed to be resource intensive and difficult so that the number of blocks found each day by the miners is still fixed, These individual blocks contain evidence of work that is considered valid.

The mining process can be called the process of solving complex mathematical equations by computers with supernatural abilities. Metalers or Miners are rewarded by Bitcoin coins. Bitcoin changes the difficulty level of mathematical equations based on the speed of their solution.

Mining was initially done by graphics cards, which can perform these operations faster, but they use large electric power, and then a new product was launched to assist in the mining process. The first of these products was a chip known as ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuit Designed specifically for the mining process, this segment of the mining process accelerated with less energy consumption.

Reasons for Bitcoin mining difficulty now
Bitcoin mining was initially very profitable, but with the advent of Bitcoin, and the search for it, the number of minerals increased to that currency, which made the number of researchers for Bitcoin too large, and we know that the process of mining is the process of solving mathematical symbols and equations, Only 21 million Bitcoin will be built and then these currencies will be traded and no new currencies will be produced. All this has made mining difficult now, but do not lose hope. The increase in mining on the currency makes its price rise, making the mining process profitable. That technology has provided a lot in all areas, including currency numbers Of course, new ways have been discovered in the digital currency mining process that have increased their profit.

Bitcoin cloud mining
I discovered the method of mining cloud, to help solve the profit in the mining process, and this process is simply a long-term investment, making a long-term profit and guarantees you monthly income without trouble.
All you have to do is join one of the cloud mining companies, which in turn buy the mining equipment, use all the machines in the network for the mining process, and the best networks that can be included to them dear reader:
  • HashFlare is one of the leading and reliable companies in bitcoin mining and has excellent profits, which is higher profit than any other company.
  • Genesis-Mining The oldest bitcoin mining company, it is the largest known and reliable company and has a large base of customers from all over the world, but HashFlare is the top of which is much profitable.

Mining via CPU
A step that was used at the beginning of the bitcoin mining process. The difficulty was almost non-existent, but of course, as we talked about the development of mining, the turnaround was very small.
When you search through the computer you will find many mining programs bitcoin, which can be prepared for up to a year without winning one cent, so dear reader should avoid this type of mining because it is useless, but it should be mentioned.

Mining across graphics cards
Screen cards are also considered old ways of mining bitcoin, the power of Hash produced by you will make you mining in 1 bitcoin in about 100 years.
There are many, many new coins that can be mined by the two previous methods, but bitcoin is no longer fit for years for these methods.

Currently profitable mining devices
The Antminer T9-12.5TH / s is currently one of the best devices in the mining process. The price of the machine is about $ 1881, the weight of the machine is about 5.5 kg, and the use of electricity with this device costs you about $ 94 per month, $ 205 per month. When the cost of electricity is deducted, the profit will be $ 112 a month. Initially, this amount will not be profitable because you have to pay for it. It may take a full year to start making profits.

Bitcoin mining gravity of your PC
If you are mining bitcoin on your device, you have to bear all the consequences of this process. This method is very common, but you have to be careful because you do this.

Destruction of PC
The mining process, as we have mentioned, is complex, not just opening a program and leaving the machine running for long periods of time, but the programs you install and use do millions of calculations, which consume your computer resources, including random memory and graphics.

One decoding process contains 25 bitcoin processes that require powerful resources up to 1 Tera Hash, while the most powerful computers do not reach this power. Simply what you do is waste time and torture the computer, and the end is inevitable. It crashes your computer and stops it from working. Other losses such as loss of data stored on the device, the cost of repair or the purchase of a new computer. according to source site